Sunday, June 01, 2008

Song of the Day

Anyone remember this one? Ēbn-Ōzn's "AEIOU Sometimes Y" had heavy airplay in the early days of MTV. It was an interesting twist at the time - basically spoken word set against a modern beat. And I always loved the "feeling cavalier" part.

"So I was walking up Broadway you know
and there's this incredible looking Swedish girl having a
Cappuccino across the street from Lincoln Center,
I started talking to her you know
She said her name was Lola,
Her English wasn't too good you know
but we wound up spending
about 5 hours together just hanging out you know.
So We go back to my place - we get high
we get really into each other man.
It was love about to happen ... I'm serious.
And then all of a sudden she gets up and she says,
she says "Hey, I really gotta leave"

A E I O U Sometimes Y

There are 178 parent languages on our planet with over 1000 dialects...
It's amazing we communicate at all.
Languages and dialects - with this one thing in common:
A E I O U Sometimes Y

So you know I was really flipped out you know and she asked me
if I'm angry or something
I said of course I'm angry man this isn't high school or anything
You know so I'm feeling really cavalier and I say ah
"Call me if you want to."
huh, yeah ... call me if you want to ...
So she rang me up and she says, "Hey! Do you wanna go out?"
Huh! Do I wanna go out ?!"