Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Storm of Many Colors

Chromatic Maelstrom
by *Frostola on deviantART

A storm of many colors is brewing
it gleams and glistens
roiling inside of me
I tried to contain the disturbance
but it surges and overflows
filling the cracks and crevices
all of those spaces
I tilt my face upwards
to the heavens
but the only intervention I receive
are cold drops of morning rain
I turn and walk away
searching the face of the hollow strangers
wondering if they can
see the storm
swirling in my eyes
I dare not open my mouth to speak
fearing the furor
that would spill from me ...

I've been feeling grey
with nothing pleasant to say
maybe its time to end the struggle
let the maelstrom have its way
and color my diseased leaden sky

tear down the rotting wood of excuses
wash clean these bandages of apologies
scour away the grime of guilt and shame

I will stand here glistening of many colors
no blemishes or stains
radiating like a newborn god
but I will have no memory of your name

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