Monday, February 25, 2008

I Fought the Internet, and the Internet Won

I have been defeated by the Internet. That and my stupidity and not paying attention to details. I am teh n00b :(

So I decided to change my password today. That went well. I copied down the new password in my handy dandy secure app. Cool. I get home, and I can't login. I try again. Nope. I try again and again. Nope and No. Hmmmm ... Fine I must have made a typo. Twice. So I hit I Forgot My Password link and wait. The email doesn't show up where I expected it to. Ruh roh waggy. I try Reset Password. No Email. Waggy, we have a problem. A Big Problem.

It turns out that my secondary email was my old work email. You know the place I got laid off from over a year ago. Yeah ... Waggy, no Scooby Snacks joy for me!

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