Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friday Morning Rainbow

"It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside." It's Friday morning, and I'm in a rush. There's an important budget meeting that I need to be on time for. Time ticks away and I grow anxious, waiting for my daughter to get ready. I head out of the house, open the garage door and walk out to the driveway to retrieve the paper. It's raining, and there's dark clouds overhead. Not good. Suddenly I notice that there's a shaft of light. The sun is peeking over the hills and sneaking through an opening in the clouds. I stop and notice the raindrops catch fire, glittering as they pass though the beam. A few seconds pass then "I wonder ..." and I slowly turn around. Yes! There is a rainbow. It's faint at first, but strengthens and covers the sky. I quickly head inside and get my daughter. "I have something to show you" I tell her and she quietly follows me out. "Turn around and look up." "Ooooooooh a rainbow!" Seconds pass in silence as we admire and observe. She turns and smiles at me, and we head back inside.

It's Friday morning, and I'm thinking about a rainbow. And my daughter's smile.

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